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Run from my home in the El Sebeia Valley, this small handicraft business is a way of improving the lives of Bedouin families living in the Saint Katherine region. Dwellers of the Sinai Peninsula have been forced over recent years to combine tradition with modern life. While work and education are becoming increasingly important, we also recognise that the culture of our ancient community needs nurturing too.
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As it is Bedouin custom to build strong family ties and work together as a community, a large portion of the money earned through goes towards those in need of assistance. This can range from putting something towards a hospital bill, building a new roof or well through to giving a widow a little extra food for the month.

Equally important, by supplying Bedouin women with work they not only earn themselves an income, but a voice in the home and a respected status. In this way, we can continue to build our community successfully. As well as preserving a part of our heritage, the charm and beauty of age-old handicrafts can be appreciated by the rest of the world too.

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